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Are you looking for a package that is made of recycled material?

Where do you sell your product, and how do you ship it?

Alpha Packaging is one of the only packaging suppliers that will make plastic bottles and jars from 100% recycled content. When we use post-consumer resin, we give a second life to plastic packages and keep them out of landfills. When your customers recycle these packages after use, you’re helping to create a continuous loop of recycling.

Where you sell and ship your product influences what type of packaging you need. Based on factors like average shelf life and climate, we can guide you toward the right solution to protect your product in all elements and all shipping conditions. We can also manufacture packaging that meets specific environmental guidelines, such as California’s RPPC regulations.

Do you want your package to be plant-based?

Do you want to reduce the amount of plastic used?

Alpha can make bottles and jars from plant-based PET and HDPE that looks and performs just like the conventional plastics you are using now. We also stay abreast of new bioresin developments, so we can discuss the pros and cons of other plant-based resins with you and help you make a decision that impacts the environment.

At Alpha, we’re often able to reduce the weight of our containers without sacrificing quality. By choosing light-weighted containers, you can save on shipping costs while also demonstrating to customers that you are doing your part to use less plastic.

Green packaging has the green light at Alpha.

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We start by asking: what are you trying to achieve with a greener package? Are you interested in using recycled material? Do you want to use less material, or less energy to manufacture? 

As your partner, we work to fully understand your goals so we can find the right plastic packaging that preserves the planet, without sacrificing quality and performance. 

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Every product has its own unique needs. At Alpha Packaging, we ask the right questions to find an environmentally friendly packaging solution that works for you, your customer and the planet.